Apples != Oranges



Building a Career roadmap never featured first on my bucket list. I’m sure a lot of you came across people that influenced a phase of your life. Well , I recently discovered mine in the most unconventional way and would really (3x) like to share with the world.

The title is a Fuzz-Phrase (Oxford pending*) that helps me drive a Perspective model towards achieving my near-future career goal.

Initially , I started an exhaustive approach without any plan and failed steadily for months . Then , I tried one of those alternative life hacks that bought me some time , but only fell deeper into the pit.

A few months ago , I witnessed something unusual about my recent failures and observed a recurring pattern.  I analysed again with finer details and found more   (routine day for a Data Engineer). At this point , I had identified the missing pieces of this jigsaw puzzle and since then it’s been a positive experience everyday.

Firstly , I immediately turned OFF my “rat-race” pursuit for potential careers by and devoted my maximum efforts in Learning about myself

Then I … <to be continued>

Food4Thought : “Data is today’s currency buying tomorrow’s job. “  –  Deepesh Nair